What next at Scranton Weight Loss

Well this a bit of a follow up from the last article I wrote about what I will be doing in the future.

I have decided to start making some interesting changes in my diet. Hydration will be a big goal of mine. That sounds silly on a weight loss blog but for someone who has a very bad caffeine addiction and who trains sometimes four hours a day it is a serious issue. I think hydration is effecting me in many different ways and I want to eliminate that as an issue.

Healthy fats. I am going to make it a point to drastically increase the amount of healthy fats I take in. Right now and for most of my life I have focused on staying pretty much low fat in order to stay low calorie. I am going to try to flip things around. I am going to start eating more grass fed butter and use that to cook, more coconut oil, maybe some whole milk and then grass fed poultry, grass fed beef and more fish in my diet. I also purchased MCT oil to supplement with as well so I hope that helps.

Grain free / Gluten free. This will be hard but should be very beneficial. I am pretty sure I have a decent inflammatory response to gluten. I notice that my joints, which are wrecked anyhow from Judo, get much worse when I eat lots of bread and grains. I am hoping that by removing gluten and grains from my diet as much as possible I will have more energy and be in less pain.

Eat better while on the road. I am off on another business trip next week and I am going to do my best to not totally derail my diet while travelling. This is really hard for me. I cant really shop or keep food because I wont have a fridge. I have business style dinner meetings almost every night. I will not be able to train except for one maybe two days and people will be going out drinking almost every night as well. So its tough. If I was 100% dedicated I could do it but sometimes finding that motivation is difficult or justifying the trade off makes it hard as well. So my goal is to just not go completely crazy. I will try to have a good breakfast and lunch and save some calories for the night time activities.

Well that is all for now. I will keep everyone posted on the new experiments and changes I will be making and let you know how I feel.

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