What food to leave at the office

Working a nine to five type job can at times cause some tough issues when it comes to losing weight or eating healthy. At times you might have to stay late, work long hours, work through your lunch break or get pulled away to a long meeting.

If this is something that happens from you from time to time or on a near daily basis then being prepared for these situations is a key element to staying on track with your weight loss goals.

Id like to give you some ideas on what you can stock or leave in your office. For the sake of this article i am going to assume that you do not have access to a private refrigerator. If you do then by all means stock that up and keep several meals and snacks in the fridge. I am also going to assume that you already have a large cooler bag or lunch box that you are bringing with you with all the food you plan to eat for the day. The food and snacks I am going to mention about leaving in the office will serve as a back up.

First up is my personal favorite is a box of protein bars. I like a brand called pure protein bars. Trust me they taste good. They also come in a lot of great flavors and even sizes. I love the smores flavor and the chocolate covered cookie dough ones the best.

Next up is cereal. I will leave a high fiber and or high protein cereal in my desk. I prefer to have one that I can snack on dry… no milk. Normally I will just pour some into a styrofoam cup and eat it right out of the cup.

Fruit. There are a few different types of fruit that I will leave in the office. If I bring them in on monday I know that I will have enough interruptions that I will end up eating them. Apples, Oranges, Bananas, and clementines are my favorite fruits to leave in the office.

Finally peanuts, almonds or any other type of nut can make a great snack. I dont know much about brands or recommendations because I am allergic. I do know that they can be a great healthy snack but if you are carefully watching your caloric intake that just measure out portions then snack.

Another group of snacks I have been leaving at the office is a bunch of different Kellog brand snacks. They have mini style pop tarts, bars, crackers and cracker chips. All are low in calories and will last a long time in a desk drawer.

I could probably go on and name about 10 more snacks I have stocked in the past but as my tastes and weight loss goals change and as new products come out I have made some adjustments. I will write another article on this same topic very soon and as always if you need any help with some ideas just let me know.

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