What Am I Doing? Scranton Weight Loss Insider Look

So recently a bunch of people have been asking what I have been doing personally for my own weight loss.  After a recent tournament and vacation I kind of took it easy and took a break from dieting and weight lifting.  Instead I decided to just eat ‘normal’ and take a break from lifting.  Then the next week I started to ‘clean’ things up a bit less junk more healthy meals and I started to feel better and better.

So what is next?  Well I am going to make it a big priority to get back in the gym and start lifting weights again.  I need to pick a personal goal and go for it and stay focused and work hard towards reaching it.  I am not sure exactly what my goal will be but I need a good one that will motivate me.  That is how I will get the best results… by setting a goal I really want to accomplish.  When I have that in mind everything is easier for me to do.

HYDRATION.  I am now more focused then every to stay hydrated.  I am going to drink more water, play around with salt, carbs and anything else that I can to stay more hydrated.

EAT CLEAN.  So this might be the next big thing for me.  Eating clean can best be described as eating only things that were in your grandmothers kitchen.  So no chemicals or words you cant pronounce.  No foods that are made up of stuff that have strange chemicals or anything you couldn’t really make yourself.

Other stuff.  Some things I’m not really ready to start talking about just yet.  I am always researching and looking for ways to either help me improve my health or performance.  I have some new supplements that I might try out.  I will try them out a bit first and let everyone know what I think.

So that is all I have for now.  If you have any questions just let me know and Ill try my best to answer or point you in the right direction.  Same goes with topics.. if you would like to suggest a topic just let me know.  Thanks and Ill talk to you soon.


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