Weight Loss Tips While On Vacation

So last week and a few days this week I spent on vacation.  I had a great time.  I ate some great food and when I got back home my weight was still good and my wife even lost one pound.  How did we do it?

Well first we planned on staying very active while on vacation.  We did not just sit around the whole time.  There was plenty of time to just rest and relax but we picked a great destination that allowed us to do a lot of walking and bike riding.  Every morning I would take the dog for a nice morning walk.  Then after breakfast, more on that later, we would all go for a walk or a bike ride.  This would be a nice long walk along the beach or on the board walk.  We would stop to read or talk, let the dog rest a bit and then keep going.  We would walk somewhere to get lunch and then walk around a bit after lunch.  We would walk to dinner and then again just walk around after dinner as well.

So staying active definitely helps.  Lots of walking just keeps your metabolism going and kinda helps keep you focused on staying somewhat on your diet.

Meals and diet Tips

Breakfast:  We ate light.  The hotel we stayed at had a continental breakfast and for convenience and to save time and money we ate there every morning.  They had fruit, yogurt, and oatmeal.  They can be combined to make a  nice low calorie very filling breakfast.  For Lunch and dinner we just did not go crazy.  We never ordered desert. My wife got a salad a few times.  We ate mexican or ‘tex-mex’ a few times which you can get some nice low calorie meals.  We ate fish or seafood and got it grilled or broiled and we tried to stay away from fried foods.  That was it to be honest.

For the most part staying active which on this trip meant lots and lots of walking did the trick.  Two other quick tips Id like to share.  One is that we brought with us a bunch of low calorie snacks.  Fiber bars, crackers, chips and things like that.  The second was that as soon as we got to the hotel the first thing we did is we went to a grocery store and bought a case of water.  This helped us stay hydrated the entire time.  When you are dehydrated you are much more likely to over eat and make poor food decisions.

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