Weight Loss Tips That Will Save You Money In Scranton Pa

Today I would like to share with you some tips that will help you save some money while you are trying to lose weight.  Most people think that eating healthy is very expensive and some people will even use that as an excuse to not start a diet or a good weight loss plan.  Well today we will share with you two tips that will help you save some cash and at the same time help you lose weight!

The first tip is a nice and simple tip that very few people take advantage of.
Buy all your produce at farmers markets or produce stands.
Obviously I would not list this tip if it did not save you money but there are also a few other benefits that are worth mentioning.  One of them being that it is much easier to get produce that is very fresh.  The ‘fresher’ the food the healthier it is for you.  It will retain more nutrients and since it is local and fresh it is also safer as well.  There is less of risk of getting any type of food born illness.  Of course you want to make sure you pick a good vendor but in our area the food market in Scranton is very good and there are a couple of local farms that have produce stands that are great as well.  One of the produce stands is on route 6/11 just past the state store in south abington.  The one me and my wife use the most is also on route 6 and that is past the viewmont mall on your right hand side if you are heading out towards carbondale.  It is right before the light by wegmans.
The second tip is to buy your meats in bulk.  You can really save a lot of money if you know where to shop and if you can store meat in bulk.  Staying on the buy fresh buy local side of things I would suggest trying to find a farm that raises their own livestock and then sells it directly to the consumer.  If you go to the farmers market in Scranton you can find some and if you need more help just send me a message and I will help.  There are also a few stores that sell ‘bulk’ meat.  Nothing like a quater or a half side but my favorite for this is Schiffs.  They will even cut it however you like and then the only other place I can really personally recommend is sams club.  Wegmans and then even to some extent other local grocery stores do have large packs of meat but if you really want to get the most savings buy as much as you can store.  I have a chest freezer that I know has saved me a ton of money and I would suggest that you at least look into purchasing one.
Hopefully you give these two ideas a shot.  You might be amazed at how much money you can save if you buy your produce locally at the farmers market and all of your meat in big bulk purchases.  If you do let me know how it works out for you.

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