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Ok sorry for the delay in posts.  The entire Staff of Scranton Weight Loss went on a little vacation this week.

So I am back at work and since I was just on vacation I want to get focused again on my weight loss and fitness goals.  So today I brought with me to work, two lunches, three servings of fruit, a protein bar, a fiber bar snack and my worst vice/addiction…. Three Cans of diet mt dew.

That is a lot to pack but I make it pretty easy on myself because I purchased a very large ‘cooler bag’ that fights right inside the bag I bring to work everyday.  This bag allows me to bring about 6-7 small meals with me everywhere I go.

Today I left the house at 7:00 am and I wont be back home until around 830 or 9PM.  So having a very large cooler bag helps me bring everything I need with me.  This helps me stay away from cheat meals, cake at the office, donuts at the office, the office cafeteria and most importantly FAST FOOD :P

I cant really recommend a specific brand.  But here is some info on the bag I use.

I got my bag at lowes.  I was shopping for tools and just happen to stumble across it.  I have had it for 2 years now and I love it.  It kinda looks like an old school style lunch pail.  It is made by a company called igloo and is the playmate version.  Here is a picture:


It was cheap and really does a great job of letting me haul a bunch of food around where ever I go.  Its not too bulky and it does keep food cold all day if I stuff a few of those ice pack things in there.

Hopefully this helps you out.  I cant stress enough how much it helps to always have a bunch of food right by me when I am trying to lose weight.  I know that might seem backwards but if you are always filling up on healthy foods it will be much easier to lose weight.  Normally you make your worst food decisions when you are hungry.

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