Weight Loss Scranton Style Part I

I am going to start a series of blog posts / articles on tips, tricks or suggestions that I think fit the ‘Scranton’ lifestyle perfectly.  So what is the Scranton lifestyle.  I don’t know to be honest but to me Scranton is a unique area that has changed my life in many ways and somehow I am going to tie in the unique aspects of Scranton to my weight loss journey.

Walk It Off

I have lived in a lot of different cities and areas. Until I moved into my current house I had moved over a dozen times in about eight years. But I never walk more than when I live in Scranton. Especially in the spring and early summer. I don’t know if it is because the change of season is so awesome and so dramatic here. I don’t know if it is because there is some really interesting things and people to see in Scranton or it might be because of the parks in the area that I really like. Either way I walk a lot. Every morning I walk or jog with my dog. I normally take a quick walk break during lunch at work. And I love to walk my dog at night before bed. I also go for random walks with my wife.. and dog.. because I would rather walk around Scranton then sit on my couch and watch television.

So here are a few of my favorite places to walk around Scranton Pa.

Downtown Scranton Pa:  Especially around the court house.  You are bound to see some interesting people.  Scranton is filled with them.  It is also pretty safe but please if you feel unsafe walk with a group or walk during the day time or whatever else you have to do to stay safe.

Nay Aug Park:  Lots of trails and makes you feel like you are far removed from the city life. Also the river and waterfalls are really cool to see especially after a rainstorm.

Lackawanna State Park:  A bit of a drive but well worth it.  Lots of places to just stroll around.  I like walking around the lake and the food up there is really good to :)

Lackawanna River Heritage Trail:  This is HUGE.  I think it is over 40 miles long.  Ok so it doesnt all connect but still there are large stretches that are really great to walk.  My favorite two stretches are the ones by the Scranton High School and the entrance in in Peckville by ‘mellow park’

My Neighborhood:  Where ever I live I like to walk the neighborhood.  Right now its Dickson City and I like to walk around my neighborhood as much as possible.  So most of my short walks are right out my front door and then Ill drive somewhere if I want to take a longer walk.

I am also a fan of tracking my walking.  Right now I have a cool little pedometer to track how much I walk.  It helps me track distance and calories which is pretty cool.  I have my normal walking schedule and then I will add some additional walks around the holidays, when I want to lose more weight or when I have been eating poorly.

Walking is something that is free and takes no extra time out of your schedule.  Next time you sit down to watch television just get up and take a 15-30 minute walk. If you do this daily or even just a few extra times a week the distance and calories will add up and the pounds will start to drop off.


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