Weight Loss Friendly Lunch

Today I will talk about one of the best lunches you can prepare while trying to lose weight.  For me lunch has to satisfy a few criteria.  It has to be healthy, it has to have a good amount of protein, it has to fill me up, it has to be tasty and it has to be cooler friendly.

So this week for lunch every day I made a salad.  I know shocking talking about salads on a weight loss blog.  But I would like to share a few tips that really make this lunch work for me especially since I wanted to eat it all week and not get bored with it.

First I purchased three different types of greens.  I have iceberg lettuce, spinach and then a bag of mixed greens.  I got all of these at my local supermarket all chopped up and ready to go.  Having three different types of greens allows me to create some variety throughout the week.  Having them already chopped up makes prep work basically non existent.

Another thing I do is prep a bunch of additions for the salad on Sunday.  This week I had radishes, cucumbers, feta cheese, peas, chick peas and hard boiled eggs.  All of them were chopped up on Sunday and put into individual tupperware containers and then in the morning before work I just throw in some greens and then whatever additional items I want in the salad for that day.

Last thing that helps me eat salad throughout the week is having a couple of different dressings to choose from.  This week I had a fat free balsamic vinaigrette and a lemon herb and basil one as well.  In my fridge I always have a bunch of fat free or healthy salad dressings to choose from. I also at times will just use apple cider vinegar.  If you like that on salads it will save you a lot of calories and has a ton of health benefits as well.

Proteins.  This week I really just relied on the chick peas, eggs, and cheese for the protein.  However if I wanted in my cupboard I always have packages of tuna and canned chicken.  Some people hate canned chicken but I have been eating it for ever and don’t mind it one bit.  You can also look into purchasing pre cooked and pre cut chicken or steak strips to throw on top of the salad.  The best option would be to buy your own chicken or steak, cook it and cut it up on Sunday and then just throw it in your fridge.

So basically it takes me about 3 minutes to make a great salad for lunch that will fill me up, stay pretty low on calories, taste great and keep me on track for reaching my weight loss goals.

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