Weekend Trip Report

This weekend me and the wife decided to stock up the freezer.  It has been a while since we made a trip to sams club where the goal was to really stock up.  Normally our freezer is filled with some good bulk items and food that we can prepare into a healthy meal pretty quickly.  But recently we noticed that we were missing some things and so off to sams we went.

Now if you don’t belong to sams yes I suggest you give it a shot.  I think it is well worth it especially if you have a chest freezer.  So here is a quick run down of what we stocked up on.. please excuse some of the less then perfect choices :(

Salmon.  This was the main motivating factor that started the “lets go to sams club” talk.  We ended up buying a large bag of salmon filets and a large box of salmon burgers.  I really like both of them.  Salmon burgers are awesome.  They take only a few minutes to cook.  They are loaded with protein and very healthy fats.  Same thing really for the filets.  Also they are cheap.  Not gonna lie it was a factor.  Why not save up.  I know there are ‘better’ brands but I just needed a jump start on eating more seafood.

Tilapia.  Well while we were in the seafood section we grabbed a bag of talipia.  My favorite Tilapia dish is pretty simple.  Take the fish put it on parchment paper and then shred a whole bunch of veggies and throw it on the fish, add some butter, wrap it all up into a pouch/ pocket so it is steams up.  It is awesome.

Ground Turkey.  They sell bulk packs of lean ground turkey.  We use this for a lot of different dishes but recently its been turkey burgers and meat loaf.  When you use lean ground turkey it is super healthy.

Lunch Meat / Reduced fat cheese.  Okay starting to stray a bit but these were purchased just to help me lose weight and save money.  I know there are better choices but for now this will be a staple lunch for me.

Chicken sausage.  Like I said before.  Its grilling season in Scranton.  They have a bunch of great flavors.  Low calorie, High protein and very quick and tasty.  You cant beat that for a quick dinner when there is not a lot of time.  Basically two times a week at my house my wife cooks a very quick dinner or we have left overs so these work great on those days.  Also not a bad lunch once they are cooked.

Frozen Chicken Breasts.  Why not.  Large quantity, cheap and can be made into a ton of great meals.  I hope I don’t have to say this but chicken breasts are super healthy and super low in calories.

That is basically all we got.  It will last us a while.  It really filled up the freezer and will make life a lot easier for us during the next month or so. It also makes our weekly shopping much easier on the wallet.

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