Two Quick Weight Loss Tips

Today I will like to share with you the details of an article I just published on Slide Share. The article talks about two very simple weight loss tips that only take ten minutes to implement into your life.  The idea is that if you start to make small changes that are easy to do then over time you will notice some very dramatic results.  That is why today I shared two very simple tips that anyone can do.  They only take ten minutes so there really are no excuses.  Everyone has ten minutes that they can add to their schedule or rearrange some things if necessary.  And actually these two tips that I share today actually take no time from  your schedule.

First Tip ~ Wake Up Earlier.

To be more specific I want you to wake up just ten minutes earlier every day for a week.  Make it a habit and stick to it 100%  If you are they type of person that dreads waking up then I would set the alarm clock ten minutes earlier and move it across the room.  Move it so that you have to get up and walk to shut it off.  No snoozing either.  Just get up and go.  Go… for a walk or a jog.  Do some push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks … anything.. just sneak in a quick ten minute work out.  Burn some extra calories and get that metabolism going.

Second Tip ~ Take It One Meal At A Time.

Tomorrow whatever else you do make sure to eat one perfect meal.  Maybe start with breakfast and make sure it is perfect.  Do that for one entire week.  Eat one perfect meal.  No cheating, No stress eating, No Skipping breakfast.  Eat one perfect mean every day for an entire week.  After the week is over try to move onto a different meal.  If you can keep this trend up for just three short weeks you will basically have a perfect diet in three weeks.  Can you imagine how much weight you could lose if you ate perfectly???  Or at least close to perfection?

So there ya go.. two quick tips that are very simple to understand, very easy to implement and that if you stick to them will lead to some very dramatic weight loss.  I hope you have it in you to try to do at least one of them tomorrow.  Trust me if you do and if you stick to it you will love the results!

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