Tips For Cooking Meals In Bulk For Weight Loss Success

Today I will share a few tips I use to cook a bunch of meals in bulk.  This makes it way easier for me to stay on track during the week.  If I have meals ready to go that I just have to pack with me then I am far less likely to ‘cheat’ and either miss a meal or eat something that is not as healthy.

So getting right to it my FAVORITE tool for cooking in bulk is the crock pot.  The crock pot is a great way to cook a huge amount of very healthy and very flavorful food quick and easily.  Also if you are not the best cook the crock pot is almost foolproof.  Just throw all your ingredient in set it on either hi or low and when you get back home from work you have a ton of food ready to eat.

My favorite food to put in the crock pot recently is chicken.  I like to buy the bulk pack of boneless and skinless chicken legs and thighs.  I throw that and some barbecue sauce or some type of hawaiian style marinade and Im done.  I can do this in about 3 minutes at 6am half asleep.  Then when I get home I have enough food cooked and ready to eat for 6-8 meals depending on how much chicken I threw in there.  Oh a quick bonus tip.  If you hate cleaning up buy those crock pot liners they make clean up ridiculously easy.

My second favorite food to put in the crock pot is beef.  I like to buy a nice big cheap cut of meat and throw it in the crock pot all day until it is falling apart.  You can get very creative with what you throw in with the meet or you can just put the meet in there by itself with some water, spices and beef stock.  Sometimes I will throw potatoes, carrots and peas i there to make a stew.  Other times I will just have the meet in there and eat it plain or put it on some sandwiches.

You can cook a lot of different foods in the crock pot.  You can try putting a whole chicken in there, you can put ribs, pork shoulder, chicken breasts or even chicken tenderloins.  Just add a sauce or marinade that you like and the meet will come out nice and tender and juicy.  You really cant go wrong.

So if you are having problems planning meals or cooking enough food for the whole week try cooking a few dishes in the crock pot.  It will save you a lot of time and you will be able to eat healthy flavorful meals that will help you reach your weight loss goals.

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