Scranton Weight Loss Tips What To Stock Up On

One of the many reasons people fail to eat properly while dieting is that they do not have good, healthy, and tasty food in their house to cook. When you do not have good food to cook in your house it is much easier to snack on junk food, miss a meal or call the local pizza guy for a delivery. By stocking up on some basic staples you can make sure you always have good food in your house that you can cook up very quickly for a healthy meal

First lets talk about canned goods. I always make sure I have cans of chicken, cans of tuna, Beans, canned fruit and canned veggies. Now generally speaking I would prefer fresh local produce and fresh local meat but I keep these things on hand for emergency purposes.

The Chicken and tuna can quickly be combined into things like casseroles or salads. I love to make up a quick chicken or tuna salad with mayo or avocados which I normally keep on hand. If not in a pinch I have a good mustard that I can use to mix in that tastes pretty good. Also mustard is almost always very low in calories.

The Beans and Veggies I keep on hand for things like chili, stews or crock pot meals. I try to keep everything on hand for those type of meals. This way in the morning I can wake up and throw everything in my slow cooker and then I know I will have an awesome meal waiting for me when I get home.

Another essential Item to keeping my house stocked up with good food is my deep freeze chest freezer. I spent about three hundred dollars for this unit. It is pretty big but if you want to spend more you can get a huge freezer and if you want to spend less you could do that as well and still get a nice size freezer as well.

I always make sure to buy lots of steak, chicken, turkey, pork and seafood when I see a good sale. Having my freezer stocked with all my favorite types of meet makes meal planning very easy for me. I will write notes for myself to defrost meet or even set a reminder on my phone to defrost if necessary. Also seafood normally will defrost very quickly and some chicken can be cooked from frozen very easily as well.

I hope this sparked some ideas for you. Trust me if you also have good food in your house ready to cook it will be much easier to stay on track and reach all of your weight loss goals.

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