Scranton Weight Loss ~ Tips To Get Back On Track

So I thought today would be a perfect day to talk about some different tricks and tips to get us back on track with our weight loss goals when we go off track.  Some time life just gets in the way and for whatever reason we mess up.  Maybe we picked the wrong food.  Maybe we did not go shopping and buy all the healthy food we need.  Maybe it was a holiday or a loved ones birthday.  There are a lot of things in today’s crazy and hectic world that can throw us off track.  It is not worth freaking out over whatever it was that caused us to go off track.  What is important is getting back on track as soon as possible.  You do not  one bad day or one bad weekend to turn into one bad week or one bad month.

So today I will talk about some of the things I do to get back on track and make up for the mistakes I have made.

First thing is make sure you have everything on hand you need to cook good tasting healthy food.  If that means an unplanned trip to the grocery store then that is what needs to be done.

Another thing I often do after a holiday weekend or birthday weekend is to throw out food.  I know its a sin and my mom would freak out if she saw me throwing away a cake or dessert but it has to be done at times.

The last thing I will talk about today is to either make up work outs…. or add in some additional work outs the following week.  For me the easiest thing is to add a quick workout early in the morning.  Before work, before breakfast, before  you have anything else scheduled.  It could be a quick jog or anything else that works for you.  The next easiest thing for me personally is to add a long walk after dinner.  I will eat dinner, clean up and go for a long walk.  Again it is a time that is typically free so it is very easy for me to add a quick workout.  Also since I will normally only add something that is not very difficult or taxing on my system it doesn’t matter how I am feeling.  If I am super tired from another workout or If I am really sore I can still go for a nice long walk.  Adding just a few extra workouts in a week will definitely help burn off some of those calories from a bad weekend.  It will also help you stay focused for that week and will help make sure you stick to your diet as well.

So I am not saying that going off track and eating like crazy for a weekend or missing a few workouts is okay or that it does not come without consequences.  All I am trying to do is give you a few quick ideas that will help you get back on track as quickly as possible.  Remember we all make mistakes and no one is perfect but if you do slip up just try to get back on track as soon as possible.


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