Scranton Weight Loss Suggestions – GRILL IT

Its late April.. Almost May so in North East Pennsylvania that means it is officially Grilling Season.  The sun is up much longer and it is much warmer.  Now I am definitely a fan of winter grilling.  I have my grill set up right outside my kitchen door so I can do just that.  But there is something about spring time grilling in Scranton that just cant be beat.

So Grill away!  And if you follow a few simple tips your grilling will not interfere with your weight loss goals and can actually help.

First realize that the ‘stars’ of the grill are normally very low calorie.  Chicken, Steak, and Fish are the easy ones but even things like turkey burgers or lean ground red meat is fine.  You can get lean cuts of pork as well and even fat free hot dogs.  Even if you get a ‘fattier’ cut of meat like ribs you can still be ok.  Just watch your side dishes.

If you really love to grill it shouldn’t be too hard to stay away from some of the side dishes or condiments that will quickly turn a weight loss friendly bbq into a glorious cheat meal… btw a great cheat meal.. or EARNED meal as my friend Matt calls it is fine.

Some of the things you want to stay away from are the big mayonnaise based salads.  Yes they taste great but the calories will quickly add up.  So if you really want that pasta salad or potato salad keep your portion very small or look up some healthy recipes for them.  You can actually get very good tasting low calorie mayonnaise right at the supermarket.

Beware your bread.  Most rolls are very high in calorie.  Me personally I’d rather go with a light or low calorie roll or bun.  If you want to really go for it put your burger right on some lettuce and go for it.

Now my favorite side when I grill is just grilled veggies. I’ll grill up some zucchini, potatoes, mushrooms and onions.  I’ll make a foil pouch add a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic and grill em all up.  Of course I try to grill about 3-4 meals worth at a time.  So normally two or three large foil pouches will do.

So hopefully you get outside and enjoy the sun and the nice weather and get some grilling in.  I also hope that by following a few of these tips you are able to stay on track with your weight loss goals.


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