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Ok so it has been a very strange day for me today. With that in mind I decided to share some ‘different’ diet tips. These are not tips you will see everywhere.. thats for sure. I am a big fan of sticking to the basics but sometimes you need to forge your own path or do your own thing. Today I will share some unique tips that will get to you to take in less calories. Dont worry these tips might be strange or weird but they do work.

Use chopsticks. Using chopsticks will reduce the speed at which you eat. More often then not if you eat slow you will eat less. It takes time for your mind to tell you that you are full and that you do not need to eat more. So the slower you eat the easier it is to eat less food. Another benefit of using chopsticks is that it is easier to prepare healthier meals. The only meals I know how to make were I would use chopsticks are very healthy. Generally its a lean protein and a lot of veggies or a lean protein and rice. Thats it. Also all the chopstick friendly meals I make reheat very easily so they travel well in my cooler to work and they are very easy to cook in bulk so I can cook once and eat five meals from that one cooking session. Most also freeze well and still taste good when reheated. Chopsticks can also be fun and cool. Again we dont want to make dieting or weight loss a chore or something that we do not enjoy doing. So by using chopsticks and having some fun with the cooking and eating we can enjoy the weight loss process.

I want to share two more quick tips that will help with weight loss. The first is to buy new plates. Just make sure they are smaller then the ones you are using now. The idea here is that if you have a smaller plate you will eat less. Eat less lose more weight. Very simple very easy and something that most people dont talk about or suggest.

The last one I want to share today will probably take the cake on weirdness. So I am just gonna throw it out there and leave you with it to give it a shot if you want. It goes with everything else I have been talking about. Having some fun and eating less food. It is simple…. Use your opposite hand to cut with a knife, use a fork and use a spoon. So however you normally eat just use the opposite hand.

Have fun :)

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