Scranton weight loss gets scientific

I don’t want this blog to read like a science paper but I do want to talk a bit about something that is normally a very technical and scientific topic.  People will throw out numbers, tests, samples and all that to prove a point.  I am just going to break it down in its most simplistic terms so you can get an understanding of a basic concept that will help you burn more fat for energy and store less fat.

It really is quite simple: “When blood glucose levels are high you store dietary fat, When blood glucose levels are low you burn dietary fat.

If that is news to you read that sentence a few times and commit it to memory.  This will give you a simple rule to follow that will help you burn more of the fat you you eat and store less of it.

The next piece of the puzzle to understand is what makes blood glucose, aka sugar, levels high vs what makes them low. Their are really three main things to consider when it comes to sugar levels in the blood.  The first is the amount of sugar or carbohydrates that you eat and second is what else you consumed with the sugar.  I will talk about the third in just a bit.

When you eat sugar, plain sugar and nothing else it will be digested very rapidly. Sugar and carbohydrates can enter the blood very rapidly and therefore effect blood glucose levels very quickly.  If you mix the carbohydrates with protein and fat they will get digested over a longer period of time and therefore the impact on blood glucose levels will not be as dramatic.  This is a very very simplistic view and explanation and you can read tons of great information on how certain carbohydrates digest slower and what protein and fats will slow things down or speed things up but I just wanted to touch on this subject.

The third factor that effects blood glucose levels that I will touch on today is exercise and activity levels.  Again to keep things very simple “The more you exercise and the more intense your exercise is the lower your blood glucose levels will be over time.”

Again if this is new information read that again and commit it to memory.  It is one of the easiest ways to prevent fat from getting stored. Exercise!  The more active you are the more fat you will burn.  Not only during the time you exercise but all day every day!

I could write a book on blood glucose levels, insulin sensitivity, activity levels and fat storage and on an on… but no one would really want to read it.  So I just wanted to point out those factors.  If you are interested in learning more about these factors or blood glucose levels just do a simple google search and you can read pages and pages of great information.

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