Scranton Weight Loss Debates Consistency vs Variety

Today at Scranton Weight Loss I would like to talk about two different strategies when it comes to weight loss.  There are two different approaches when it comes to meal planning. One approach is to eat basically the same thing over and over again. The other is to eat a wide variety of different foods and different meals.

Consistency vs Variety

First we will talk about eating the same foods and meals over and over. This theory has some very strong points. Some of the plusses to this theory is that it is very easy to shop for if you eat the same thing over and over.  It will also be easy to cook or prepare your food and another is that once you find a set of meals or foods that work for you just stick with it and you will definitely get results.  This approach also has some drawbacks as well.  First being that many people will get sick of eating the same thing over and over.  Boredom  will set in quickly and it could lead to cheating or straying from the diet.  Another drawback is that if the diet is not properly planned out you could be missing out on some key vitamins, minerals, macro or micro nutrients.

Next we will discuss the varied diet.  This theory tells us to eat as many different foods as possible.  Not to repeat meals and constantly vary what we plan on eating. This approach to eating also has some very good strong points as well.  First is that almost no one will get sick and tired of what they eat while on a meal plan like this.  It allows great flexibility and should eliminate boredom as one of the reasons for cheating on a diet.  Another benefit is that it is very easy to get all the nutrients that are necessary to remain healthy and energetic while on a diet.  However this approach does have some potential faults as well.  One of the potential issues is that if you lack creativity you might not be able to create or plan as many meals as necessary. It does require some research or access to some good menus or recipes.  Also some people do not have the skill in the kitchen to create a wide variety of meals.

As you can see both of these options have pros and cons.  It really boils down to what will work for you.  For me what works is a little bit of a combination of both approaches.  I might eat the same thing for lunch every day but dinner will be a mix of different meals that I really like.  Or week to week my menu will change but some of my favorite foods will rotate in and out of the diet.  For me that allows enough variety while sticking with a group of meals that I know will allow me to remain on track with my weight loss goals.

Hopefully you can find an approach for you that will work best or create your own combination from the two strategies.


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