Planning for a day trip

So in the past I have talked about vacations.  I love vacations and wish I could take more and more of them. Unfortunately work keeps getting in the way and they insist that I continue to come into the office in order to keep receiving a paycheck.  So since they won’t allow me to constantly go on week long vacations I try to take a lot of day trips.

One of the many great things about Scranton and the surrounding area is that there are a lot of great day trips you can take.  With just a short drive you can reach a ton of great spots.  Right now I am not going to talk about all the different places you can go instead I am going to talk about what to bring with you or what you should eat when you are there.

So I like to plan things like hikes, bike rides or trips where I will be kind of active.  I don’t like to drive a few hours just to sit still.  Also I don’t like to take a day trip where I will hike 10 miles and then just eat a bunch of crappy food.  To me that defeats the purpose.  Since I want to be active and I want to stay on track with my weight loss I make sure I bring the right snacks with me and I try to eat good.. but healthy while on these trips.  Here is a small list of some food or snacks that I  might bring with me either for the car ride or for snacking while I am out and about:

  • Protein Bars – very filling and definitely great for weight loss.
  • Grapes – I love fruit and all the vitamins and nutrients that come with it.  Natures candy.  Freeze em for a different style.
  • Bananas -  one of the most portable fruits out there in my opinion.
  • Luna Bars – healthy low calorie snack with a lot of different flavors.  Guys ignore the marketing they are great for males as well as females.
  • Fiber One Bars – these taste great I love the chocolate chip ones and the caramel ones.  Also the grocery store brands are pretty much the exact same thing if you want to save some cash.
  • Kellog Snacks – my two favorite are the cracker chips and the mini pop tart things.  Both are very low in calories.

That is basically my list of snacks when I am on a road trip.  I try to stick to them as much as possible but I am not gonna lie kit kats and combos may make an occasional appearance.  But that is okay once in a while as well.  Hopefully that helps out a bit and can give you some ideas on what you can take with you on your next road trip.



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