There is a growing trend in our area for people to seek out ‘doctors’ to solve their weight loss problems.  If you are able to find a doctor who is really passionate and knowledgeable about weight who is also willing to hold your hand through the process and spend lots of one on one time with you then sure that physician could help you with your weight loss.  Good luck finding a doctor like that.

A quick google search for ‘physicians weight loss review’ brings up some very scary results:

As you can quickly see there are not a lot of good reviews for this type of system.  Before you give something like that a try I definitely encourage you to try something else.  Find a way to get and stay active, find a way to eat that fuels your body but does not add fat.  Find a group of people with a similar mindset who will be supportive of your goals and help motivate and encourage you.  Find some people who you can turn to for advice when you have questions.  Find some people who are truly passionate about helping others.  Find a group of people who have been helping people lose weight for over 15 years and have great testimonials from very satisfied clients.

Lucky for you I can help you find such a place right in the Scranton area.  We offer a great workout program, an awesome staff and a really great environment.  It truly is like nothing you have ever experienced .  It will change your life and you will never regret it.

Right now we are offering 30 days free to try out our program and we offer a 60 day money back guarantee.  It doesnt matter if you want to lose 5 pounds, 50 pounds or 100 pounds we can help.  Call, Email or sign up for our news letter now to get more info!