Low Calorie Weight Loss Friendly Meal Ideas

HEEEEYYYYY YALLLLLLL  lol  sorry thats all I think about when I think about Paula Dean.

What Paula Dean.  The Butter queen.  The Fry everything Queen?  Yup but relax.  Her son has a show where he takes her recipes and makes them a lot healthier and really does a good job of lowering the calories and still keeping them pretty tasty.

This weekend we made his meatloaf and his mac and cheese.  Then I went online and started looking at his other recipes and I was definitely intrigued.  First I’ll share his Mac and Cheese recipe.  He puts these in cups probably for portion control but we just made a big batch.  It came out really good and I’m sure we will make it again.  Here is the link: http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recipes/bobby-deen/crispy-mac-and-cheese-cups.html

The Mac and Cheese was great and really nothing needs to be changed around or altered. I really enjoyed this and I know this is something we will make again.

We also made his meatloaf.  This Meat Loaf has a ton of veggies cut up or shredded and then included in with the meat.  This is a great way to add a bunch of healthy veggies especially if you are not the biggest veggie fan.  Just some tips with this recipe I want to share.  First is to think about adding more bread.  WHAT.  Well I used 3 slices of a thin low calorie wheat bread.  I really think it needs more.  Next time I make it I will probably add two more slices.  Maybe cut out some of the bread crumbs?  The next and my wife might kill me but I think it had a bit too many mushrooms.  I’m not the biggest fan and this had a good amount.  So I would prefer to cut the amount in half give or take.  One last tip is that I LOVED the sauce a simple mix of ketchup and mustard.  It is simple but just went perfectly with everything else.  I might double the amount next time.  Final tip is that I think this needs about 1hr to cook.  Definitely have your thermometer ready and keep an eye out for water in the bottom of the pan.  OK with all that.  It was really awesome!  Having it for leftovers tonight and I cant wait.  Here is the link: http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recipes/turkey-bacon-cheeseburger-turkey-loaf.html

Again I’m gonna try to not make this blog primarily about recipes but recently I’ve had a lot of good healthy food and I definitely want to share the ideas.  Next up will be stuff french toast, cupcake tacos and cupcake lasagna!

Stay Tuned!

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