Great way to add celery to your diet and enjoy it

Stealthy Super Food

We are inundated all the time with information of this super food or that super food. But almost never does any expert speak to the boons of CELERY. That right, celery. In the food world this food is “forever the brides maid and never the bride. Too long has it been relegated to the role of garnish for hot wings or space filler for a veggie platter.  This water-loaded vegetable contains stealthy nutrients that heal the body!

Eating celery regularly has been linked to the reductions of blood pressure. Regular consumption of celery has been linked to modest reductions in blood pressure — about 6 points systolic and 3 points diastolic*.  It is the phytochemicals in celery that are responsible for this health boon. These compounds relax muscle tissue in artery walls and increase blood flow which beyond the cardiovascular benefits also helps heal your sore and tired muscles post workout.

Want a delicious way to enjoy celery and at the same time combine it with more nutrients from super foods? Try these recipes:

Stealth Tonic:
This juice is one of Jeff’s secrets to all day energy. While it admittedly taste like “salad water” it is packed full of nutrients that will supercharge every cell in your body!

6 celery stalks, 5 carrots, 1 handful of Parsley, 2 handfuls of Spinach, 2 handfuls of Kale, 1 cucumber
Wash everything thoroughly. Run through juicer. Pour over crushed ice and enjoy!

Tasty Veggie Dip:
This is super fast and easy to make.  It is also very low in calories, high in fiber and high in protein.
Buy plain or vanilla flavored non fat Greek Yogurt.  I like chobani and buy a ton of that.
Buy ranch salad dressing flavor mix.  I use hidden valley it tastes great in my opinion.
Just take out some of the yogurt and stir in some of the flavoring and taste.  Add more if you want a stronger taste.
Thats it.  This mix is my favorite way to eat celery.

Hopefully you enjoy these great recipes.  If you would like more recipes and more tips to help you lose weight please subscribe to our newsletter to get more great information only available to our members!
* Mark Houston, M. D., director of the Hypertension Institute at St. Thomas Hospital, in Nashville.

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