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When I first created Scranton Weight Loss I wanted to help as many people in North East Pennsylvania reach their weight loss goals. I know how difficult this can be and I feel lucky to have helped so many people lose weight over the years.  I hope that this blog can help even more people change their life or make the change they are going through right now just a bit easier.

One area I really think helps people get to their ideal weight are universal tips that will work on any ‘diet’ or fit in with any lifestyle. It seems right now that everyone is out there pitching a diet, a meal plan, a cook book or something else that will help you lose weight.

The fact is that most of these diets or products will help if you are able to follow them 90 percent of the time. The problem most people have is following a diet or a meal plan or whatever system you chose to try this time.

So today we will share with you a simple tip that will work with basically any diet out there. Here it is:

Instead of dwelling on all the foods you need to remove from your diet focus and get excited over all the healthy foods you will now be adding into your diet.

I have rarely seen a diet that asked you to remove cauliflower. I don’t know of many diets that ask you to remove broccoli. I cant think of any diets that ask you not to eat more carrots, turnips, peppers and onions.

All of the foods I mentioned above can be cooked and prepared in a very healthy, low calorie, low fat, HIGH flavor recipe.  I suggest that you look up how to roast cauliflower in your oven and season it with garlic for a great side.  If you are really feeling adventurous look up how to make a pizza crust out of cauliflower.  Greek yogurt and ranch powder can be combined in seconds to make a great tasting and very healthy dip that is great with broccoli, carrots and peppers.  Carrots and turnips can be roasted in the oven and if they are sliced thin will come out ‘tasting’ surprisingly like French fries.

I could go on and on with great recipes and if you need any ideas please let me know and I will send you some great recipes that are not low in flavor but are low in fat and / or calories.

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