Gluten Free Bread

So recently a few things have come up in my life that have prevented me from working out as much as I would like and as much as I am used to working out. Normally I do a few hours a day of Judo or Jiu Jitsu  4 or 5 times a week and I really do not have to count calories to maintain my weight.  Well now that I am not training as much I am focusing much more on my diet.

So I have some big goals in mind and I know that to reach my big goals I need to take small steps in order to achieve them.  With that in mind one of my goals is to start to remove grains from my diet as much as possible.  I definitely think that if I can remove grains from my diet I will have less fat on my body.  Every single person I know who has done this has been able to shed fat off their body. To be honest I am not ready to just quit grains cold turkey.  Instead I am going to just start to remove them or reduce the amount I eat each day step by step.

A big step that I was actually able to do was to bake my own Gluten free bread.  Ok so I did use a prepackaged mix.  Who cares I made my own bread and it came out pretty good.  I have been eating it on sandwiches all week and I like it.  I plan to bake another loaf as soon as this one is done.  I have a few plans or ideas to make it come out a little better but I am happy with it.  The next step would be to try some rolls or ‘flats’ or something else that I can use for either burgers or breakfast sandwiches.  Obviously I should also work on my sandwich addition.

I am trying to go gluten free for a few reasons.  The first is my arthritis especially in my hands.  My hands hurt all the time so I am hoping that by removing gluten from my diet it will help with that.  Two I want to lose weight especially fat and again I know a lot of people who have removed gluten and lost weight.  I want more energy and again this is a common bonus of removing gluten from your diet

So I will keep trying to remove gluten from my diet as well as other grains and see if I notice any benefits and if it is really worth it for me.  Even if I decide to add gluten back and grains back I will have hopefully learned a few things as I try this experiment out.

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