French Toast Recipe that wont make you fat pt 1

So I really enjoy taking recipes or foods that are usually very unhealthy but very tasty and changing some things around that really reduce the amount of calories, fat, sugar or in this case all three.

I love french toast. Go figure I love bread, butter and syrup. But all three of these just by them selves are normally not a good thing when you are trying to lose weight and when you combine them to make a meal it is normally a recipe for disaster. However by making some simple changes to this recipe you can enjoy your french toast while trying to lose weight.

So lets break down the basic ingredients and I will just get right into what I use.

First the bread. Two options here one would be to pick a very low calorie bread. I buy giant brand low calorie bread that is very inexpensive and only has 35 calories per slice. Sot it is very easy to justify those calories in this meal. The other option would be to bake your own bread. This is something I have been doing more and more of recently. It is time consuming but I am really trying to reduce my gluten intake as much as possible.

Now after we choose the bread we need to pick the eggs. Again two options first would be to just use egg whites. Trust me it works and you wont notice a difference. Another great option would be to use cage free eggs. Now this will add more calories but ‘good fats are good’ and in my opinion well worth it.

Syrup is an easy one. I definitely recommend using aunt jemima sugar free syrup. This has 35 calories for a quarter cup and really tastes great.

Butter. SKIP IT. If you dont want to skip it then either use I cant believe its not butter spread or some other low calorie alternative. The other healthy option although higher in calories would be to use ‘grass fed’ butter. Again trust me god fats are good for you.

Please if you are trying to lose weight try this recipe once using light bread, egg whites, and sugar free syrup. You will love it.

Now this is part one and I promise to share another recipe for a crazy stuffed flavored french toast that is ridiculously awesome so please stay tuned!

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