Easy Tip That Will Help With Weight Loss

Today I will outline a diet tip that has worked for me and countless other people.  This tip, if you follow it, will make losing weight much easier.  Sometimes you need to think of weight loss as a battle. And whenever you go into battle you want a good solid plan.  An outline from start to finish that will map out exactly how you will win.  What is great about the battle with weight loss is that it is a battle with ourselves.  So it is very easy for us to plan against our opponent.  We know our own strengths and we know our own weaknesses.

With this in mind a guaranteed way to ensure success is to just do the following:

Write down EVERYTHING you will eat BEFORE you eat it.

Please re read that and picture yourself actually doing it.  I did not say to write down what you eat.  I didnt say write down what you want to eat.  I am asking you to write down everything that you are going to eat BEFORE you eat it.

This requires you to plan ahead.  You need to plan out all your meals ahead of time.  You need to shop and purchase all the ingredients you will need and you most likely will need to cook meals in advanced.  You might want to start cooking meals in bulk or you might want to cook several meals at one time.  There are many ways to cook to make this tip easier to carry out.

Right now me and my wife plan all of our meals out on Sunday.  We then go grocery shopping and do a lot of cooking on Sunday.  I will normally cook all of my breakfast meals for Monday through Friday Sunday night and throw them in the fridge.  We have lunch planned out as well as all of our dinners.  Some dinners or lunches we plan to be left overs.  Some meals we plan to be quick and easy because we will both be at the gym late on certain nights.  We also schedule or plan when we will eat out at our favorite restaurants.

Another way to do this would be to just write out what you are going to eat tomorrow.  You know what you have in the house or what you can purchase to eat tomorrow.  So write it down now and stick to it.

This will make it much easier to control what you eat, avoid bad impulse decisions due to stress or not preparing a good meal.  Another good tip is to write down what you eat next to what you plan on eating.  So maybe you planned on getting a salad from a restaurant but instead you got a burger and fries.  Write it down circle it and highlight it.  Then at the end of the week review what you actually ate and see how well you stayed on track and take note of why you ‘cheated’ or missed a meal.  Next week when you start all over again it should be a goal to follow your plan better than the week before.  Also by writing down when you cheated it makes it clear.  Often times people will say “oh i stick to my diet 100%”  CMON.. very very few people do .. and that is ok but you want to know how well you really are sticking to your plan and what type of results you are actually getting from following your plan.

Next week I will give you some great tips on how to stick to your plan.  I will help you plan out meals easily, cook in bulk and travel with healthy food options.

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