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Sometimes I need to share an Idea that I feel is pretty unique or something that I feel is almost unknown a revolutionary diet secret so rare it will change your life.  This is not one of those times.  But stay tuned you will not want to miss this great tip.

“Water is the only drink for a wise man.”
Henry David Thoreau

So In this blog post I just want to share the importance of drinking A LOT of water.  This is one of the EASIEST ways to help make losing weight easier.  Drinking lots of water will make it drastically easier to stay focused on your weight loss goals.  The reason is that if you drink water all day and if the primary reason you are drinking it is to reach  your weight loss goals then that means that all day you are focused on reaching and achieving that goal.  The mind is a very powerful tool and if you are constantly in a positive state of mind focusing on achieving a goal then you will do it!

I truly believe that is an important factor in success regardless if we are talking about weight loss or anything else but for this post I will now move onto some of the reasons that might be easier to grasp when it comes to weight loss.

Drinking water will reduce both the number of cravings you have for ‘junk’ food and the intensity of them.  Did you know that being dehydrated can cause food cravings?  This is something I realized as soon as I put the mt dew down and started drinking more water.  My cravings for things like pretzels, chips and french fries basically went away 100%

Drinking water will also help you a great deal with portion control or overeating.  One of the easiest ways to help yourself lose weight is to reduce your portions.  This is great because you dont have to eliminate foods you like but just eat less of them.  If you start to drink more water, especially before eating, you will quickly notice that it is much easier to eat less food. Smaller portions equals less calories equals more weight loss.

Drinking water will also give your metabolism a boost.  One of the ‘secret’ keys to weight loss that I will talk about in another post is to keep your metabolism going as much as possible.  There are 24 ours in a day and the more ‘active’ your body is the more calories you burn.  We want our body’s metabolism to constantly be in a state where it is burning calories.  Again drinking water will help keep our body running.  A small tip I will share is that if you want an added boost in this area then drink as much ICE COLD water as you can.  The reason for drinking ice cold water is that your body has to heat that cold water up to 98.6 degrees.  That takes energy.  It is kind of a simple trick to force your body to burn up more calories.

So I rambled a it about a few reasons why it will help but I hope it helps.  Im sure most people reading this have heard to drink more water.  Im sure most people even knew a few reasons why but I just felt it needed to be repeated.  This is a very simple, very easy and FREE way to help you lose some weight.

One of the ways I make it easy for myself to drink a lot of water throughout the day is this:

It is a brita water bottle.  So where ever I go I know I always can get ‘clean’ drinking water. Okay so not every where.  I wouldnt take this hiking or camping but its great at killing off the chlorine taste from water fountains and faucets.


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