Diet Tips – How to avoid bad decisions

One of the best ways to stay on track with your weight loss or diet is to avoid making poor food choices. It is not uncommon for people to have a great diet plan but they fail to stick to it. At a critical moment they make a poor decision which leads to a poor food choice. Today I will talk about some ways that we can eliminate making poor decisions at those critical times.

First up I hope everyone who is trying to lose weight is keeping a food diary or a log of some sort of EVERYTHING they eat. I also hope that if you leave your house for any amount of time you are bringing a large cooler filled with food and snacks along with you.

These two tips will greatly reduce the amount of bad decisions you make over the course of your diet.  Having everything planned and then having good healthy food at your side are a great way to avoid making poor food decisions.

Stress.  Stress is a major reason why people make bad food choices while on a diet.  The idea of splurging on a bad meal or having a crazy dessert seems like it will make us feel better and get us to relax by enjoying that chocolate cake or ice cream.  When you are dealing with high levels of stress you are much more likely to make bad food decisions.  You need to try to control the level of stress you are dealing with first.  Make sure you are getting enough sleep, make sure you are exercising and make sure you are staying well hydrated.

Also right at the moment you feel yourself slipping.. not after.. but right before you are about to make that bad judgement you need to ‘change the channel’ in your head.  Get up.. go for a walk.. go talk to someone… read a fitness blog, watch a cool sports video.  anything to ‘change your mind’ by doing this it will help you stay focused on what is truly important.

Also take a second to realize that whatever is stressing you out now will still be stressing you out after your poor decision and then not only with the original stress factor be on your mind but now the fact that you caved and made a poor decision will be stressing you out as well.

Hopefully this gives you some tools to deal with the three most common factors that lead to making a poor food decision and not following your diet.  Those three factors are proper planning, having cooked or ready to eat healthy and tasty food by your side and dealing with stress.

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