Dealing With Stress While Trying To Lose Weight

Scranton Weight Loss Stress Tips

Today I will share with you a few strategies that you can use to make sure that stress does not interfere with your weight loss. It happens to all of us.  Something goes wrong.  Something unexpected occurs.  And we get stressed out.  Sometimes it is nothing sometimes it is something huge.  Regardless of what causes the stress it is important that we have ways to make sure that we can minimize the impact it will have on our weight loss goals.

The number one strategy that helps me stay on track is having a detailed plan of what I am going to eat each and every day.  This is really a multi step process.  On Sunday I make a meal plan for the week, I then go shopping and purchase everything I need for the week.  I will also do some bulk cooking on Sunday to prepare certain items that I will need later in the week.  And every morning I load up my cooler bag with plenty of food that fits into my diet. Having a bunch of healthy food at arms reach makes it much easier to avoid stressed induced cheat meals.  When stress its out of nowhere or when you are having a hard time dealing with it food cravings can strike very quickly.  So having a cooler filled with food and snacks can let you satisfy your hunger cravings just as quick while keeping your diet on track.

My second most helpful strategy is to write everything down that you eat.  I know this is really a pain and seems like it is not necessary.  But trust me. When you put everything down on paper it makes it much easier to review and keep track of everything.  At the same time it makes it real and you will not forget your snacks or not count them.  Another benefit of this strategy when it comes to stress induced eating is that if you want a cupcake or donut  or whatever you know you have to write it down and log it into your food journal.  You then know that for the rest of the week you will be looking at that and often that is enough to not eat it.  If you dont have a journal it is easier to eat and because you know you will forget about it later or that you will quickly be able to justify eating it.

My final strategy for today is to learn how to properly deal with the stress in a positive way.  Find a way to distract yourself from whatever is on your mind.  Go for a walk or a run.  Go lift some weights.  Hit the heavy bag or get some good sparring rounds in.  Something that will get your mind focused on something else for some time.

Unfortunately there is no way to avoid stress for most of us.  It is going to happen and sometimes it seems like it is too much to handle but lets all try to do our best to make sure that the stress does not interfere with our food choices.  Have a plan, stick to the plan and you will stay on track to reach your weight loss goals

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