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Today I wanted to share a weight loss strategy with you that I recently started using. I wanted to share it with you because I know it will help you lose weight. It makes meal planning much easier and will help eliminate those times where you just dont know what to cook or what to eat.

So I do love to try different foods and cooking things I have never made before. Normally I just stick to things I know I like and that I know are healthy and combine them with some new twists to create new meals. Well I also dont have the best memory and I was constantly forgetting what I made last month or even last week. I would forget about that great chicken dish I made or I would completely forget that we cooked up some great fish with lime juice. Well now what we have been doing at my house is when we do make a great meal that we really like we put it into a separate little cookbook that is right next to our fridge.

Then every Sunday when we are planning out our meals for the week we can look through this book and pick from our favorite meals. This makes planning out the meals for the week very easy and I know we will get some of our favorite foods into the menu. It really has made things a lot easier on us. We dont have to spend as much time thinking about what to cook and when we are in the grocery store we dont have to just wander around trying to come up with ideas.

It also allows us to keep trying new foods and create new meals that will end up in that book. If we dont try new things that book will get old quick and all of the meals in there will eventually become stale and not as exciting to eat. So each week we try to make something different. Normally on the weekend or days where we have more time to cook and eat. If the meal is a huge success it will go into the book. Recently we added talipia with lime juice and butter to our favorites. It was awesome. Tasted great, very healthy and really quick to prepare.

I hope that you try this out. You can use index cards or do what I am doing and just get an extra cook book and put your favorite recipes in that book. Keep it somewhere that is very accessible and definitely grab it when you are doing your weekly meal planning…. I really hope you are doing weekly meal planning because that is a great way to stay on track with your weight loss goals. The two strategies really go hand in hand.

Let me know if you try this out and what meals you are adding to your list!


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