BreakFAST: How to get quick quality nutrition while running out the door

We’ve all heard the old cliché saying about breakfast being “The most important meal of the day” well, while that’s true, it’s also probably the most ignored meal of the day too. People care far too much about getting their extra 5-10 minutes of sleep, than waking up to cook some eggs, or make some oatmeal to get their extra nutrition in the morning have no fear! There is a quick and easy way you can still get your extra beauty sleep and get a nutrient packed meal as you sprint out the door to work: shakes and smoothies
I know, I know, not exactly revolutionary but you would be shocked at how many people avoid shakes and smoothies because they think that they are for muscleheads at who go to the gym to get “jacked” not true.
When made the right way shakes and smoothies can be PACKED with the complete nutrients, delicious, and actually kind of fun to play around with for example for you coffee drinkers:
A “Latte” nutrition

.5 cup of chocolate milk fat free and or chocolate coconut or almond milk
.5 cup plain greek yogurt
.5 banana
1 Tbl. Peanutbutter
2 Tsp. choclate protien powder
.5 Tsp. Finely ground coffee
6 Ice cubes

Quick, easy, loaded with protein plus it even includes some coffee so you wont need to waste time waiting at the drive thru ? or if you’re not really into protein powders and the like you can simplify your shakes and smoothies to something like this:

“Berry berry good”
.5 cup of almond or coconut milk
.5cup of dry oatmeal
1 big handful of frozen mixed berries
5-6 ice cubes

This is chock full of protein, heart healthy anti oxidants, a mix of good carbs,fats and tastes very good.

So there you have it, some quick ideas for a good fast, breakfast that will taste great, and keep you full and happy until your next meal.

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