A Healthy Dinner That Fuels Weight Loss Scranton Style!

I started to think this weekend that I should start posting more specifics on what I am doing and what I am eating on this site.  I think it might help give more of the readers some ideas or strategies that they could use in their everyday life. So today I wanted to just write a quick post about a great dinner I made last night.

Weight Loss Scranton Style

Weight Loss Scranton Style

I had a pretty crazy and hectic weekend and as usual spent a lot of time running around all over the place.  It was awesome don’t get me wrong but by the end of the day I really wanted a great meal.  And wow did we, me and my wife Rachel, Make a great meal.  It was ridiculously tasty and very healthy as well which was a nice bonus.

We decided to make steak, green beans and mushrooms and onions.  Now we did kind of go a bit overboard because we purchased organic grass fed new york strip steaks from wegmans and we used grass fed butter for all the cooking.  So it wasnt really the cheapest meal but it was great and very healthy.  Also if you wanted to save some money most cuts of meat are actually very low in calories especially if you trim off all the excess fat.  We did and we gave it to the dog so she was happy too.

The steak was prepared on a flat iron that I put on my gas grill.  I got it super hot and put some butter on it.  I added some salt and pepper and that is it for spices.  I did add a little more butter near the end.  I cooked these about 4 minutes per side and they were great.

The green beans were steamed and then seasoned with butter garlic and salt. The mushrooms and onions were pan fried with some butter and they were a perfect side for the steak.

Don’t let the butter fool you.  The calories from grass fed butter are great for you.  Or if the butter does scare you skip it and just use a spray to fry the foods that will save you some calories and money if you are looking to do that as well.

I definitely recommend this as a great meal that is healthy and pretty easy to throw together really quickly.  Also if you don’t want to make the whole meal try to pick one or two things form the meal that you can use when you are looking to make a great meal.

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