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Hey everyone This is a guest article by one of my coaches.  Matt Marcinek from he is one of the coaches at Scranton MMA.  I almost feel bad because Matt is a great writer….. He should be he has a Degree in English from Marywood and is a GREAT motivational speaker as well.  Here it is.. its a great article!


I’m going to share a little secret with you today. Some times developing healthy eating habits and living a healthier lifestyle has less to do with what your put in your mouth and more to do with what you put in your head. I know what you’re thinking.. “wait…what?  isn’t my mouth part of my head” yes, of course it is but  what  I’m talking about is mind set.   or to put it in some simpler terms, often times how you feel about what you’re eating is more important than what you eat.

I’m sure we’ve all heard people who have been on a diet for a little bit say something a long these lines “oh, this new diet is so good, I don’t even like the taste of pizza anymore” Please allow me be the first one to  call shenanigans here.  Lets all take take a moment to be be honest with one another shall we? We love things like pizza, burgers, doughnuts, wings and ice cream why? not because they make us fat but because.. they’re delicious! they taste really really good right? right. so why fool ourselves? why  should we  have to lie to ourselves to be healthy? This is where I truly believe that mind set comes into play. Let  me explain:

Usually when someone is on a diet and they want to enjoy one of the aforementioned  delicious foods,  they set a day or a time to break their diet and what do they call it? Their cheat day. Now, I don’t know about you but to me the words “cheat day” carry with them a very negative connotation. Think about it,  normally in athletics, if you cheat to get ahead ,  somewhere down the road don’t you usually feel really bad or guilty for doing so?   Yeah  and eating is no different.  Normally, your diet is going really well, you’re happy and then your “cheat day” comes up, you have  a few pieces of pizza, or a bowl of ice cream  you really enjoy it, and then about  five minutes later that familiar feeling of “oh no what did I do?” hits and you feel guilty and bad , so guilty and so bad  that you think “oh well, i screwed up my diet beyond repair, there is no going back” so you just continue your bad eating habits.. am I on the right track? I bet I am.

Thats why I hate using the terms “cheat meal” and “cheat day” instead I’ve chosen to adopt  a term from famed UFC nutritional coach Mike Dolce and instead called them EARNED MEALS, meaning  “I’ve busted my butt training so hard  on the mats or in the gym this week  and eating clean that i don’t need to cheat because i’ve earned this” by using these terms you feel so much better about  taking a short veer off the healthy road because you’re rewarding yourself instead of sneaking around and feeling underhanded for cheating.

Now,  just a small disclaimer here, if you’re going to use the earned meal terms .. You DO need to earn it.. just like the people who say that those foods don’t taste good.. don’t do 5 pushups or or 3 minutes with a shake weight and lie to yourself that You earned it.. if you are going to have an earned meal you need to be honest with yourself and say I really took my physical output to a level where I can feel good about eating this” and if you didn’t push that earned meal back till you do”

Sometimes just this small change in thinking though can do wonders for your eating habits and you would be surprised how fast a  healthy mind will lead to a healthy body

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